Short and Sweet: Food.

This is the time of year that people spend days and hours with their families and eat a lot of traditional food.

Yes, I like food. It’s so sad to say, especially since (and this is the worst way of putting it) I’m diabetic, that food is literally my poison. Those cookies, candies, sweets and pastries that you eat on top of the main course meal at dinner, can kill me in a week’s time. That’s if I don’t watch it, naturally.

I’m always on a healthy diet, as the rest of the world should. I always break the diet and I’m motivated to stop breaking it! If anything, that will be my goal for the coming year. Next to getting my blood sugars down, I’m also going to stay on track with what is good and healthy for me.

A friend of mine always laughs at me when I look at nutritional facts on the back of packages. But, how many of you do the same thing? Even if you’re not diabetic and not on a diet, looking at nutritional facts can do a lot of good for you, even if it just scares you. It’ll teach you to stay away from bad food.

I just moved out of my house and into an apartment all for myself and I can’t wait to start cooking what I want to eat! I mean, granted, my family is very healthy in what they cook, but it’s something about making it yourself and having that connection to your own food that makes you enjoy it that much more.

As funny as it sounds, I might just move toward writing how many carbs are in everything in my cabinets and fridge, like Weight Watchers people do. I might even lose some weight that way! But if anything, I would like to open my comments to good recipes and ideas to fill myself up but not fill myself out or affect my blood glucose levels all that much.

So my question to you is, how do you feel about food? Even if you’re not diabetic, what are some things that you feel you have to improve on when it comes to your diet?


  1. Great post Christina!

    For me the challenge is watching my carb intake. I’m a vegetarian and when I can’t cook it’s hard to eat healthy, especially when I go to restaurants.

    One of my favorite recipe to make is my own spin on garbanzo soup. It’s really good, it last for a couple of meals and its super healthy!!!

  2. When it comes to dieting as a pwd the one and only thing that works for me is preparation, I plan my meals well in advance so when I need to snack I know exactly what to get so I don’t fall off the wagon as it may. Second I try to eliminate temptation by removing all the sugar filled snacks which worked great, out of sight out of mind kinda thing, but recently with my son coming to live with me, its kinda hard coz he hates my low carb vegi diet and I cant blame him after all he is 10 and beans for dinner is not really an exciting meal for him so I let him have some regular snacks but am so tempted sometimes to just wolf those down. Alas such is the diabetic life

  3. Food and I have a complicated relationship. I love the things I make and yet some of the things I enjoy the most are not at all healthy for me.
    My weakness is bread. I LOVE BREAD! All kinds of bread! So I try to keep it out of the house or in limited quantities. The cake boxes I have I am going to get rid of during these holidays. As a matter of fact I was able to use 2 up for my brother in laws birthday last weekend. The cake was amazing and I dont have that mix hanging out in my pantry 🙂

    Something that has been working for me is keeping a food journal. I guess its similar to what you were talking about, listing the carbs. I write down everything I eat including how much I paid for it. It helps me keep track of what I am eating as well as how much I am spending.

    As for a delicious recipe. You should definitely try the chicken chopped salad I make 🙂
    You will need romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, black beans, chicken breast, and feta cheese. Chop and mix the above then add a cool lime vinaigrette. To make the dressing use lime, crushed red pepper and salt to taste. Super delicious one of my faves 🙂

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