Here’s something I haven’t done since I’ve started. I want to ask if anyone out there has any questions about diabetes and being Latin@.  If you have any questions concerning food, substitutes, exercise or anything else, ask away!

But first, I’d like to thank the chicas from the TikiTiki Blog, who mentioned my blogs on their piece Latina Bloggers for 2011. The only little problem I had was with my last name. It’s spelled with a G not a Q. It’s fine, my landlady did the same thing on the mailbox.

So, back to my preguntas! All right, I’m seriously going to be waiting for people to ask some solid questions. Whether it’s personal about me or about having diabetes or about what can happen, I’m an open book and will tell you what you need to know!

That’s my blog post for today. I will be posting it everywhere, so don’t be alarmed if you see it more than once. If you would rather ask questions privately, please email me at Otherwise, post a comment!

Te estoy esperando!

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