Awareness: Whether or not you have it, do something and live the advocacy

Amigos queridos! It’s been another while since I’ve written, but you know, at least I’m still here to tell you about my journeys and adventures as a person living a crazy, hectic life.

IMG_20131104_194128We’re already in November; can you believe it? The year is almost over and we’re about to give thanks and eat like there’s no tomorrow. But along with prostate health awareness with Movember and other awareness activities, we cannot forget about Diabetes Awareness Month.

The community is going wild! And by that, the members of the DOC (diabetes online community) are going nuts with the color blue, exercising and doing the Big Blue Test, that makes you get up and get active, along with a daily challenge created by Six Until Me.

Additionally, I’m starting up #WhereThePumpAreYou again. If you forgot about it, click on that link above to find out why it started and how you can contribute to the energies being put forth in order to build awareness. Let’s help everyone see that there is something you can DO in order to improve your diabetes and health overall.

diabetes-month-photo-a-dayThe people with diabetes understand what we go through each day and our loved ones also understand and feel our pain because of what they see us go through whether we have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

You, the allies, as I like to call you, you are of the most important in this effort to raise diabetes awareness. It is ok to wear blue on Friday for #BlueFridays, tagging it #BlueForDiabetes like the rest of us do. It’s cool to do the Big Blue Test with us because you should be active on a daily basis, even if you’re not checking your blood sugar. Show your support and keep yourself healthy while you’re at it.

Those without diabetes have to understand that we are a community of people who need constant support and motivation and encouragement. When you are there for us, we are more likely than not able to get through a rough day of high blood sugars. Understand that our disorder affects everything we do and as much as you would like to believe that there’s a mathematical calculation to making it all work, there isn’t.

Those with diabetes have to get over the fear that lies within our minds; that someone is going to blame you for your illness. It doesn’t exist because it’s not true. Get over it. We are the #DOC and #DSMA and we are here to give you all the support you need; rejoice in your accomplishments, empathize with your battles but here because we will tell you to never give up. Regardless of the type of diabetes you have, you can ALWAYS make it better. You just have to remember that we’re here for one life and it’s up to you whether you are going to make it a good one or a hard one.

You have to know, living with diabetes or not, that there is always an option to be and feel better. You can excel for more and decide what your blood sugars are going to look like just with a little exercise. Take a walk, dance, do some jumping jacks. Whatever type of physical activity you do, it will help you feel better.

Along with a better diet and above all, positive thinking, you have to be able to pick yourself up when no one else understands (because we’ve all been there) and say, “I can do this.” Ultimately, you’re the only one you can depend on and you have to believe in yourself to do what you need to do. One life, kids. Remember that.

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