Hitting Resistance

Honestly, I don’t know what my body is doing, but I’m going to say resistance is to blame. I’m currently in my third trimester and almost at 30 weeks. Time’s flying!

I feel like diabetes is just magnified 10 times the complicated amount it normally is when pregnant, except this time you have to deal with a growing belly and other annoying symptoms.

I’ve upped my basal rates twice now and although, for the most part, I feel like I’m still in pretty decent control of my sugars, I definitely feel as though I’m trending higher and it’s taking longer for my insulin to work.

Now, I know that I should be taking my insulin in advance, however, I’m not taking it 45 minutes in advance like some folks. Most of the time, I don’t really plan my meals but eat when I’m hungry. I also watch my numbers like a hawk when I see upward arrows and usually try to bring it down 2 units at a time. The most aggravating thing is when I see my sugars still trending north, even though I’ve taken insulin. Before, 10 units was a lot for me, now I see 15 – 18 units and it’s a normal thing.

I keep telling myself that I don’t want to take too much, because I also don’t want to drop, however it seems like a norm I hear from moms with Type 1. They don’t mind dropping because that’s an easy fix, as opposed to trending high, risking a big baby or hurting the baby.

The last few days have been a perfect example of this roller coaster. Day 1, we’ll call it “The Perfect Day” because that’s exactly how it felt. My numbers were all hanging out in the 90-110 range and it seemed like I couldn’t take the wrong amount of insulin for anything I ate. It was miraculous. Enter Day 2, the “Ugly Day” which meant that I couldn’t take enough insulin. My sugars were hanging out in the high 100’s, going up as high as 220 and lingering there. I’d give myself a couple units every hour and the damn number would not come down, that is until I got home from work and the graph had a steady retreat down to the 50s. FUN.

One thing I forgot to mention is that for a few years now, I have been taking Metformin to help with already existing resistance in my body. My family has a line of type 2 diabetes, so it’s just something that I’m dealing with and taking my pills for. Although they do help bring my sugars down, it feels like it’s just not enough.

I have been doing really well with my sugars even before pregnancy. The last A1c was a 5.7 so my endo was willing to wait to see me in July, which made it 2 months instead of 1. However, now that we’re hitting the third trimester and these things are getting funky and popping up, I scheduled an appointment with him for next week. Not to mention that the MFM clinic told me that I should see him because it’s going to start getting harder. Momma’s gotta do, what momma’s gotta do, especially if I want to feel secure with my body, my diabetes and doing the best for my baby.

Let’s see where we go from here.

Have any stories about hitting resistance? What’s it like for you?


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