I was asked about my mission to stop Diabetes. Here’s my answer.

People shouldn’t have to suffer if they don’t need to. Since diabetes is a manageable disease, the reason for fundraising and raising awareness is to educate individuals about how they can live healthier lives and be healthy even though they have diabetes.

I always said that if I won the lottery, I’d give money to clinics for resources, education and outreach to communities for people at high risk. We can stop it, change it, make it better.
I can make it better, even though I can’t reverse my diabetes or put it into remission. Diagnosed at 7 years old, I was told that my body wouldn’t be producing insulin anymore and that I had to be put on insulin therapy– aka taking shots and checking my blood sugar for the rest of my life.
I was diagnosed after my cousin was diagnosed 6 months before me. We were playing at his house and he asked me if I wanted to check my blood sugar– almost like a game. It was high and we told my uncle and my mother. After taking me to the doctor for fasting screenings, they found out that my blood sugars were abnormally high and off to the hospital I went to be educated on insulin therapy, monitored me as they started to give my injections and make sure my body was receptive to the manufactured hormone.
Now, I live my advocacy. I have no shame and I choose to educate people through my blog and social media, on top of talking to people about it and letting them know that diabetes is not a death sentence.

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